The Future of Ridesharing

With increasing adoption of ridesharing services, cars have started to shift from private experiences to social ones. Hence, as cars adapt into mobile public spaces, the experiences that people have will also take greater prominence. In collaboration with the PSA Groupe, we were tasked to design a Ridesharing vehicle that catered to the future needs of the ridesharing service. 

Interestingly, users favoured the conventional experience of a typical car-ride: a private experience that felt both personal and reassuring.

What if the Ridesharing experience was personally catered for every passenger?

By adapting the interior space within the vehicle to cater to each user, MOVE aims to offer the same private experience of a typical car-ride within the shared ride-sharing space. The use of versatile seating, individual headrests, and small personal amenities adapts seamlessly and unobtrusively in every ride to create individual zones without complete isolating riders.

Due to the proximity that users were with each other in the vehicle, considerations of the social etiquette among the riders, vehicle accessibility and comfort were higlights in informing each aspect of the experience, where it was supported by extensive user research, scale to scale prototyping and user testing.

In collaboration with Gabriel Lim, Lum Jun Jie, and Kay Li Ang, under the guidance of Donn Koh, Patrick Chia
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